Mission & Vision


We want to build a community where players are an active part of the first Financial P2E game, gaining trading and real estate skills.
Being a game that has a real-world reference on the movement of assets in different markets, we will inform our community of what is happening in our global economy, making them productive both in our Metaverse and in their lives.
Another ninja fantasy trader's mission is to bring profits to people from different parts of the world where the income from their local currencies is not enough to supply their basic needs.
Ninja Fantasy Trader is a project that aims to unite two financial worlds, different technologies with a futuristic vision that allows us to dream, fantasize, and we can also say that it educates all those fans of the world of trading and real estate as well as those players who enjoy a good game.


Our vision is to have a community interacting in our Metaverse that feels part of a decentralized economic world. Together with us add value to our ideas, giving them a platform to combine their Trading and Real Estate skills with blockchain technology to earn.
We believe that this is the beginning of a revolution where today everything we see in our conventional finances can be represented in a more fair and accessible way in a game that has a direct impact on our lives, achieving enormous growth for all in both knowledge and actual earnings. Many people say that everything is already invented, but we believe that this is only the beginning.