In our Metaverse, all the citizens of Traderland are martial arts masters. They have managed to overcome the seven training links, where the seventh is the mind. Therefore all have managed to materialize in the real world the profits obtained in Ninja Fantasy Trader through a $NTC token, called: Ninja Trader Coffee. You can also test your skills in the different markets against other players in battles and tournaments, a fun way to compete and win more of $NTC tokens.
If trading is commerce, the beginnings are ancient. Since our human race exists, we have traded different assets. During the twentieth century in the West, there was an enormous growth in financial markets. Still, in the eastern world, there is the idea that those first flashes began to exist in the sixteenth century, origins of candle-shaped graphics that today we use in everyone thanks to Steve Nison bringing information from Japan in 1991 and in some of his books he tells how some rice merchants used specific measurements with figures that gave rise to the famous Japanese candles. These candles generated efficient tools to make planning, execution, and management decisions. Today you can say that more than 80% of the world's investors and stock market operators use these Japanese figures in their day-to-day life.
We are fans of history and the future, and we know that the future is built with the knowledge of history and actions in the present. So looking for the visual origin of what today is a Trader's screen, we arrived in Japan, realizing that this culture has given us a lot of knowledge and wisdom, such as discipline, concentration, hard work, and focus, which if we evaluate are many of the characteristics that a trader must have to be successful. Penetrating this culture, we reached the martial artists. We realized that they have these characteristics as a society and others, such as mental and emotional control, another great virtue that many traders try to find to make financial decisions as objective as possible. That is why we decided to name our game: "Ninja Fantasy Trader," bringing much of the culture of that society that gave rise to the visual figures necessary for our trading operations and honoring martial artists with the virtues that all stock market traders should have.
Today, we are in a globalized world where we have obtained wisdom from different Eastern and Western societies and cultures. We can say that they have been strictly necessary to have the global economy that we have today. We believe and dream that new cultures and societies worldwide will continue to provide ideas and solutions to have an increasingly decentralized world.
We love decentralization! That is why we are great fans of the blockchain and what Bitcoin brought to the world, a very secure technology where we can control our finances in a different way than we were used to and create other projects on this technology that we dare to say is fairer, Like blockchain, NFT games, inspired by Axie Infinity where we are players and small investors, we loved the idea of owning our own characters as well as getting money to play, and we decided to bring that concept to the Trading and Real Estate industry in our own Metaverse.