Ninja Fantasy Trader We use the Acronyms NFT = Ninja Fantasy Trader, mentioning and emphasizing that we are a blockchain game, play to earn that issues NFT = Non-fungible Tokens. Non-fungible Token is a unique digital asset that represents original property in the real world. In Ninja Fantasy Trader, each user, player, or investor can buy one or more NFTs to enter our Metaverse and start a financial game in our virtual world.
Of course, each NFT is unique and valued according to their characteristics and abilities that allow them to function in the game. Each NFTrader has the opportunity to operate in the stock market and forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Also, after having at least Three NFTraders, they can have the option to buy or build NFT companies. It is that companies have been unique virtual entities with sole ownership for decades. If you acquire an NFT company, you have characteristics and advantages that NFTraders do not have.
In Traderland, you can be a CEO with the NFT Companies that you decide and value your companies with all the successful operations you have made or different tools you have bought so that your company is at the top of our Ranking. There are NFT Offices and NFT buildings in Traderland, so not only in this financial P2E game you will trade, but you also test your skills in real estate.
In the Metaverse, all the citizens of Traderland are martial arts masters. They have managed to overcome the seven training links, where the seventh is the mind. Therefore all have managed to materialize in the real world the profits obtained in Ninja Fantasy Trader through a $NTC token, called: Ninja Trader Coffee. You can also test your skills in the different markets against other players in battles and tournaments, a fun way to compete and win more $NTC tokens.