NFT Office Features.
  • Building to which the office belongs
  • Building Zone
  • Maximum capacity of NFT Traders
  • NFT Office Purchase
  • NFT Office rental
  • Condominium payments
  • Building to which it belongs: All NFT Offices belong to a specific Building; each Building has several offices depending on its size. The maximum capacity of NFT Traders calculates the size of the Building that it can have; that is, we do not use metric measures but the only capacity of NFTraders.
Capacities also measure the size of the office; if an office has a capacity for seven (7) NFT Traders, it is larger than an office that has a capacity for three (3) NFT Traders.
These characteristics are randomly generated; in our Marketplace, the player can choose the NFT Office that best suits him by capacity, price, and Building.
  • Building Zone: Traderland has eight (8) Zones. It depends on the areas in which the Building is located, all its offices and traders will have different benefits.
  • Maximum Capacity of NFT Traders: An office can have the maximum capacity of twenty-one NFT Traders and has a Minimum capacity of Three (3) NFT Traders.
  • Purchase of NFT OFFICE: NFT Offices can be bought in the MarketPlace from Building owners, also if a player buys an NFT Office and later wants to sell it, he can do so in the MarketPlace. The benefits of buying an NFT Office can be by:
investment, wait for it to appreciate, and then sell it
Trade places the NFT Traders and obtains an NFT company.
To rent it: To get an NFT Company, the user must rent or buy an NFT OFFICE. Therefore many players who do not want to buy one will have to go to the Marketplace to rent it to an owner of an NFT Office.
  • NFT Office rental: Each user can rent an NFT Office to obtain an NFT Company if they do not want to buy an NFT Office; for this, they must go to the Marketplace and verify which NFT Offices are available for rent from other users or our platform.
  • Condominium payments: You must pay the condominium to the owner of the Building, these condominiums payments depend on the area where the Building to the office belongs.