Each NFT-Building is made up of several spaces called NFT-offices
Characteristics of the NFT Buildings
  • Building Zone.
  • Maximum capacity of NFTraders.
  • Purchase of NFT Buildings and collection of Condominium
  • Rent or sale of offices
  • Payment to the city
  • Building Zone: Traderland has eight (8) Zones. It depends on the Building is located, all its offices and traders will have different benefits. Buildings in privileged areas will be more expensive than those that are not; the advantage is that the cost of the offices will also be higher when it comes to selling or renting them.
  • Maximum capacity of NFT Traders: Each Building has several offices depending on the size. The maximum capacity of NFT Traders calculates the size of the Building that it can have; that is, we do not use metric measures but the only capacity of NFT Traders.
A good investment is to buy a building in a privileged area with enough capacity for NFT Traders so the owner of the NFT Building can decide to sell several of the offices in his Building and rent others.
  • Purchase of NFT Buildings and condominium collection: The available buildings will be published in the Marketplace of our platform, where the area in which it is and the capacity of NFT Traders that it has will be specified. An NFT Building owner can sell his NFT Building whenever he wishes in the Marketplace; he can also sell all the NFT offices that make up the NFT Building and maintain ownership of the NFT Building by charging each new owner of the NFT Office for a condominium. Each owner of an NFT Office that belongs to a building must pay the condominium owner of the NFT Building; these prices vary depending on the area.
  • Rent or sale of offices: An owner of an NFT Building can decide to rent the NFT offices that make up the Building, sell them, or keep the Building as an investment, but an NFT Building can never be rented as an NFT Building.
  • Payment to the city: Each owner of an NFT Building must pay a fee to the city on our platform, this fee varies depending on the area.