The most important NFTs of Ninja Fantasy Trader are NFTraders. They have unique characteristics and skills to be used in their operations. There are two different types of NFTraders, The Samurais and The Seniors.
Each NFTrader will have the opportunity to operate in the stock market and forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, obtaining real profits with each successful Trade through the utility token: Ninja Trader Coffee ($NTC)
Also, They can test their skills in the different markets against other players in battles and tournaments, a fun way to compete and win more $NTC Tokens.
Characteristics of the NFTraders:
  • Name.
  • Age.
  • Gender.
  • IQ: Intelligence quotient.
  • Experience.
  • Shuriken (Ninja weapon)
  • Score
  • %Profit and Loss.
  • Leverage.
  • Delay.
  • Limit Amount per Trade.
  • Trades open at the same time.
  • Dominant Assets.
  • Bull and Bear Factor.
  • Fundamental and Technical Factor.
  • Research Points.
  • Name: This is random, and it is not modified at any point in the game.
  • Age: Initially starts in a random range of 18 to 25 years of age, with up to 60 years of working life span.
Age and Time Notes:
One day equals one month of our time.
One year in the game is equal to 12 days of our time.
Age = current age + 1 year (12 days)
  • Gender: it can be random; the name depends on the gender.
  • IQ (Intelligence quotient): the IQ is predetermined and cannot be changed at any time. The IQ affects the Experience and the result of the Trade. All NFTraders have passed the seven martial arts links, where the seventh is mental, so both have superior intelligence, but some are gifted.
The IQ of our Traders (NFT) has a minimum value of 120 and a maximum value of 200.
  • Experience: This feature is essential. It allows you to achieve more significant profit from NTC tokens and will enable you to increase your Score.
This characteristic can increase with age and% PL (Profit and loss). It can also be improved by obtaining more Research points.
  • Shurikens: (Ninja Weapon) are the maximum daily trading opportunities to obtain NTC Tokens.
  • Score: The major Score will be first on the leaderboard than the minor Score. This Score is calculated considering the Experience, the %PL (Profits and losses), and the initial or previous Score.
  • %Profit and Loss: It is the percentage of the profit or loss of each Trade compared to the total investment amount.
If a transaction was opened for 100,000 and closed at 120,000, the %PL equals 20.
If an operation was open for an amount of 100,000 and it is closed with 80,000, the PL% is equal to -20.
The %PL value is used to calculate all the characteristics, such as Experience and Score updated by Trade. If it is positive, it allows obtaining NTC Tokens in the Trade if the Trader has Shuriken available.
Leverage: It is the leverage that a player can have to invest more than the limit amount per Trade. This can be improved by buying tools, courses, or training in Traderland Academy with NTC Tokens. (see Marketplace of Traderland academy).
Leverage options can range from 1x, 3x, 5x, and 10x. If the Trader (NFT) has a limit amount per Trade of 100,000 when having a 5x leverage, the total purchase can be 500.000.
  • Delay refers to the time that the Trader must wait from when he opens a position until he can close it. The delay will initially be one minute and can be improved to a minimum of 10 seconds. The screen will reflect the delay with a countdown counter.
Delay options can be purchased with NTC Tokens at our Traderland Academy MarketPlace.
  • Limit Amount per Trade: The limit of the balance that the player can make per Trade. This limit is typically 10% of his total balance. You can increase the limit amount per Trade, buying limit options per Trade with NTC Tokens in our Traderland Academy MarketPlace.
  • Trades open at the same time: the player may have three open trades at the same time.
If the player is in a battle, he can still have two open trades in Free Trade, but he can never be in two battles simultaneously.
This feature can be improved up to eleven (11) open operations simultaneously, depending on your Ranking and Experience, also increase it by buying with NTC tokens in our Traderland Academy MarketPlace.
  • Dominant Assets: The superior ability that the NFTrader has of some assets over other assets. Each NFTrader can dominate the desired amount of assets.
At first, the NFTrader will come with the ability to master two assets.
For an NFTrader to have more than two dominant assets, they must obtain them in our Traderland Academy Market Place with NTC Tokens.
Having more than two dominant assets helps to value the NFT. The advantage of Dominant assets is that if the NFTrader makes a positive trade with the dominant asset, the profit is 30% higher than with another that does not dominate.
  • Bull and Bear Factor: Each NFTrader has the sum of percentages in their up and down skills that add up to 100%. If an NFTrader has 60% bullish abilities, he will have 40% bearish abilities.
This percentage is predetermined, but it can be varied by buying courses or tools in our Traderland Academy MarketPlace.
This factor helps that if the Trade was bullish and the BULL percentage was higher in that NFTrader, the profit would increase up to 20%.
  • Fundamental and Technical Factor: Each NFTrader has the sum of percentages in their skills in fundamental analysis and technical analysis, that percentage adds up to 100%, that is, if an NFTrader has 60% technical analysis, they will have 40% of fundamental analysis.
This percentage is predetermined, but it can be varied by buying courses or tools in our Traderland Academy MarketPlace.
This factor helps only with the SIGNALS. The signals are random signals that if the increase of receiving them is taken advantage of, the profit will be significantly higher, For example:
The user receives a news signal (Fundamental). The Trader (NFT) with a higher percentage of fundamental skills will have a higher profit than the Trader (NFT) who has less.
  • Research points: Research points are obtained thanks to the purchase of courses, training, and equipment purchased with NTC Tokens in our Traderland Academy MarketPlace. Research points give you access to enhance the Experience.