With at least three NFTraders, you can be a CEO, obtaining your NFT-Company in the metaverse, increasing your Seniors’ levels and limits, earning more $NTC in each successful trade.
Also, you can get passive income based on investors staking who bet on your company’s performance as a hedge fund in the real world.
Characteristics of the NFT-COMPANIES
  • Name.
  • Space
  • Minimum NFTMinting, Purchase, and Sale of NFT Companyraders that must include it
  • Minting, Purchase, and Sale Benefits
  • NFT Traders Levels vs. NFT Company Levels
  • Name: The name can be chosen when creating the NFT Company or if the NFT Company is purchased in the market place it can be changed.
Space: To create an NFT Company, it is necessary to have a rented or purchased NFT Office since each company needs to have the NFT Traders' space. Only one NFT Office can be rented or purchased by NFT Company.
  • Minimum NFT Traders that must make up an NFT Company: To create an NFT Company, it is necessary to have a minimum of three (3) NFT Traders; otherwise you can buy an NFT Company in the Marketplace but you will not be able to operate as a Company until you have three ( 3) NFT Traders. An NFT Trader cannot be in two NFT Companies at the same time. The number of NFT Traders an NFT Company has defines how many investors an NFT Company can have.
  • : Minting an NFT Company is cheaper than buying it in the Marketplace. To create it, it is necessary to have three (3) NFT Traders and wait three (3) months of our game which is equivalent to three ( 3) days of our real-time. Once that time passes, the NFT Company will be active. Once the NFT Company is created and active to sell it in the Marketplace, the NFT Company must be three (3) years old, equivalent to thirty-six (36) days of our real-time. This rule also applies if the NFT COMPANY was purchased in the MarketPlace. Once purchased to sell, it must be three years old with the new owner before it can be sold again.
  • Benefits: By acquiring a company and operating it automatically, all NFT Traders that belong to the company increase the following characteristics: Leverage, Dominant Assets, Delay, Open trades at the same time, maximum amount per trade.
Also, having a company allows the player to have investors.
  • NFT Traders Levels vs. NFT Company Levels: When acquiring a company, the NFT Traders that belong to that NFT Company enjoy the above benefits, but if an NFT Trader has higher levels than the company has, this NFT Trader automatically converts to the NFT Company at a higher level than the east, valuing the company and increasing the levels of its characteristics, these characteristics are maintained in the NFT Company even if the NFT Trader is sold or no longer belongs to that NFT Company.
The NFT Company also being improved in its characteristics gives the same benefits to all its NFT TRADERS.
The Levels of the characteristics of the NFT Company in the definition are the same as those of the NFT Traders: Leverage, delay, limit amount per trade, open operations, dominant assets, and factors.
These levels will be seen in the characteristics of the NFT Company.